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The MUSDUC is a tournament for coaches of teams in one of six premiere HD Division 2 conferences. Each season, the participating coaches' teams will be seeded in order of strength and will schedule and play games vs. relevant seeds from the other five conferences. After all the games are played and the victories tallied, the conference with the most overall wins will be that season's MUSDUC Champion! In the event of a tie, the head-to-head record of the conferences involved in the tie in this season's MUSDUC games will be the first tie-break. If this fails to resolve the tie, total margin of victory for all games played by the conferences involved will be examined, and the conference with the largest cumulative total margin of victory will be the Champion. 

More Fun Details!

Through a poll posted on the What-if-Sports website forums, a majority of MUSDUC coaches  decided the MUSDUC would feature possible "relegation" for the conference that comes in last in the challenge. Originally more conferences were contacted than would ultimately constitute the MUSDUC. Some of those came very close to raising interest from six human coaches and qualifying, ultimately the Great Lakes IAC was the last to do so and our six conferences were set. With relegation if there is a conference that didn't make the cut in time or otherwise meets the requirement of six interested coaches that conference will have the opportunity to replace the last place finisher as one of the competing conferences for future MUSDUCs (unless they too should suffer future relegation). This is an exciting, and perhaps scary, proposition and it allows for coaches and conferences not currently taking part to get involved in the MUSDUC results.

How It Works:

Coaches from the top conferences in Division 2, Knight World were solicited to join the MUSDUC. Although many conferences had more than the minimum requirement of six volunteers, only the Top Six teams and coaches based on seeding will take part in head-to-head games. In the interest of a more representative system for seeding, each team was given what we're calling a WOPR rating, based upon the average OVR modified by class and totaled. Beginning with MUSDUC II conferences had the option of using the WOPR rankings, the 2 season average conference wins (as used in MUSDUC I) or generating their own seedings. The WOPR formula was revised prior to MUSDUC IV to give more weight to the number of players of each class returning. Teams are then slotted into a weighted schedule based on seedings.